I need information on receiving Twitter updates on my cell phone.

Below are some common questions that people have regarding receiving Twitter text messages:

  • How can I get Twitter updates on my phone?
    You can get started by sending the text message with the word ‘START’ from your phone to the US Twitter number 40404. Twitter will reply and ask you to sign up if don’t have a Twitter account or have you reply with your user name if you already have an account.
  • Text messages? Sounds expensive. How much will Twitter cost me?
    Twitter charges you nothing, but how much it costs to use Twitter with text messaging depends on your text messaging plan. Standard text messaging rates do apply. Consult your service provider to ensure that your text plan covers your Twitter usage. If you're using our international numbers, give your provider the Twitter phone number you'll be using to see if you'll incur extra charges. If you're using Twitter from outside of the US, please consult your carrier, as every provider has a different policy.
  • When I give you my number, you won’t charge my phone bill?
    No. Twitter doesn't charge your phone bill. Sending and receiving messages to Twitter is like sending to a regular number. Usage charges for text messaging are applied by your carrier and depend on your SMS plan. Some people pay a per-message charge of ten cents or more. Some people have an allotted number of text messages monthly. Some people have unlimited text plans.
  • How does Twitter use my phone number?
    Think of Twitter as a single contact who sends all of the messages from your friends. Twitter uses your number to send web updates to your phone in text message format. Your number is private; Twitter never reveals phone number information.
  • Can I update Twitter from my phone but not receive other people's updates?
    Yes. As long as you've verified your phone, you can send updates to Twitter even if all notifications are off. Make sure to set your updates to ‘off’ on the Web or send off from your phone.
  • Can I turn updates on for some people and off for others?
    Yes. Set up text preferences for people you follow from the drop down 'following' box on the profile page. 
  • How do I turn all twitter messages off or on from my phone?
    To stop getting Twitter updates, text ‘OFF,’ ‘STOP’ or ‘QUIT’ from your phone at anytime to 40404. We will send you a final message confirming that your phone notifications are off. Sending ‘ON’ will turn them back on.
  • I'm getting a lot of updates.  How can I get fewer?
    Stop getting updates from some friends without stopping all updates from all friends. The easiest way to do this is to change text preferences on the Web from the person's profile page. You can also use the leave or OFF command. Text ‘OFF + username’ or ‘LEAVE + username’ to 40404 to stop getting messages from a specific person (e.g., leave bs. Make sure you're using the username, not just the screen name). You can find the user name by going to the person's profile and looking in the URL at top.

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