Understanding the Railroad Medicare Medical Review Program Webcast - Questions and Answers

The following questions were received during our June 20, 2019, webcast.

Question: What is the course number for the certificate?

Answer: The course number is RRB2013058.

Question:  We have a clearing house that processes our claim submissions.  Do we need to submit additional paper work to have access to eservices?  Do we get access to this option automatically?

Answer: You don’t get access automatically but you can have access once you have an EDI Enrollment Agreement on file, which you should have if you have someone submitting your claims for you electronically. That means that an EDI Agreement is on file. You will need to register for eServices, which is very easy to do. You can do that at www.palmettogba.com/eServices.  That URL will bring you directly to the registration page for eServices. If you are not sure whether you have already registered or if someone else may have already registered your PTAN/NPI combination, I would suggest you try to register. The first person that registers a PTAN/NPI combination is set up as the account administrator.  So if someone else has already registered you would need to contact them to be given access to the account as a user.  Again, you can register at www.palmettogba.com/eServices.

Question: Do I submit my RRB billing claim on the eServices site as regular Medicare claims or is there another site? I am registered on the eServices site. 

Answer: You will need to be registered in eServices for the Railroad Medicare contract. If you are a provider with one of the other Palmetto GBA jurisdictions and you are registered to use eServices for that jurisdiction—for your Part B for Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, or one of the other states that Palmetto GBA is the Medicare Administrative Contractor for—then you would also register separately in eServices for the Railroad Retirement Medicare line of business. There is an option in eServices when you register to choose the line of business. You would need to register separately and you will have a different User ID and password for Railroad Medicare. Once you have registered for more than one account, there is an option to combine or link your accounts.  That is something that there is more information about in our eServices manual.

Palmetto GBA is the Part B Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for Jurisdiction J (Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee) and Jurisdiction M (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia).

When registering in eServices for Railroad Medicare, choose ‘Railroad Specialty Medicare Administrative Contract (RRB SMAC)’ from the Line of Business drop-down list.

Palmetto GBA gives users the ability to link their previously assigned eServices user IDs under one default ID. Information on Account Linking can be found in section 12.0 of the eServices User Manual. 

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