Overpayment Letter Additional Information

Right to Inspect Records Prior to Referral to Treasury: 
In the event an Intent to Refer (ITR) letter is sent, you have the right to inspect and copy all records  pertaining to your debt. In order to present evidence or review the CMS records, you must submit a written request to the address shown here. Your request must be received within 60 calendar days from the  ITR letter date. In response to a timely request for access to CMS records, you will be notified of the location and time when you can inspect and copy records related to this debt.  Interest will continue to accrue during any review period. Therefore, while review is pending, you will be liable for interest and related late payment charge on amounts not paid by the due date identifiable above.

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For Individual Debtors Filing a Joint Federal Income Tax Return:
The Treasury Offset Program automatically refers debts to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for offset. Your Federal income tax refund is subject to offset under this program. If you file a joint income tax return, you should contact the IRS before filing your tax return to determine the steps to be taken to protect the share of the refund which may be payable to the non-debtor spouse.

For Debtors that Share a Tax Identification Number:
Section 1866 (j)(6) of the Social Security Act authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services (the Secretary) to make any necessary adjustments to the payments of an applicable provider or supplier who shares a TIN with an obligated provider or supplier, one that has an outstanding Medicare overpayment. The Secretary is authorized to adjust the payments of such a provider or supplier regardless of whether it has been assigned a different billing number or National Provider Identification Number (NPI) from that of the provider or supplier with the outstanding Medicare overpayment.

Federal Salary Offset:
If the facility ownership is either a sole proprietorship or partnership, your individual salary(s) may be offset if you are, or become, a federal employee.

If you have filed a Bankruptcy Petition:
If you have filed a bankruptcy petition or are involved in a bankruptcy proceeding, Medicare financial obligations will be resolved in accordance with the applicable bankruptcy process. Accordingly, we request that you immediately notify us about this bankruptcy so that we may coordinate with both the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Department of Justice so as to assure that we handle your situation properly. If possible, when notifying us about the bankruptcy please include the name the bankruptcy is filed under and the district where the bankruptcy is filed.

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