Providers who send appeal requests (redeterminations) and medical records on compact disks (CDs) or digital video disks (DVDs) to Palmetto GBA must use the correct file format. Appeal requests, redeterminations and medical records must be saved on a CD/DVD in a Portable Document Format (PDF) or tagged Image file format (TIFF).

Helpful Tips to Ensure Successful Submission of CDs/DVDs

  • Preferred file format: PDF or TIFF
  • Do not send an executable file (.exe) or include an .exe program with the PDF or TIFF file
  • SecureZip: be sure the file is zipped using the FIPS 140 encryption algorithm
  • Spreadsheets in Excel converted to PDF
  • Email passwords to
  • Do not password-protect files on Adobe Security feature (separate from password protect on disk), unless you provide the password (locking will prevent us from being able to save or print the file to prep for upload into Iflow)

If you are sending this information to a specific department, please check the Part A Contact Us section or the HHH Contact Us section of the Palmetto GBA website for that department’s mailing address.

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