Answer: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires contractors to offer self-service and electronic communication technologies as efficient, cost-effective means of disseminating Medicare provider information, education and assistance. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System is an important self-service tool available to providers for obtaining a wide variety of information, including claim status, beneficiary eligibility and deductible information. CMS Internet Only Manual (IOM) Publication 100-09, Chapter 6, Section 50.1 states:

"Contractors shall require providers to use the IVR to access claims status, beneficiary eligibility and remittance advice notices. Provider telephone CSRs are not intended to answer questions that can be answered through the IVR; they shall refer or transfer callers to the IVR when such questions arise."

Another option is to use the eServices, our free Internet-based, provider self-service portal. The eServices application provides information access over the web for the following online services: 

  • Eligibility
  • Claims Status
  • Remittances Online
  • Financial Information (amount "approved to pay" and last three checks paid)

You can participate in eServices if you have a signed electronic data interchange (EDI) enrollment agreement on file with Palmetto GBA. If you are already submitting claims electronically, you do not have to submit a new EDI enrollment agreement.

Access eServices by selecting "eServices" on the left side of this web page.

Resource: For additional information on CMS guidelines for Provider Contact Centers, refer to the CMS Beneficiary and Provider Communications Manual, Pub. 100-09, Chapter 6, Section 50.1 (PDF, 1.32 MB).


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