Answer: Each overpayment letter mailed by Palmetto GBA contains one or more invoice numbers as well as a list of the specific patients and dates of service included in the overpaid amount(s). The same invoice number will appear as an FCN on your remittance notice if the overpaid amounts are withheld (offset) from a payment. The invoice number is equivalent to an "accounts receivable" number.

The invoice number is the best way to identify the specific patients associated with overpayments. Please retain any overpayment letters containing the invoice number(s) associated with each overpayment notification. There may be multiple overpayments included in a single letter. It may be helpful to make a list of patients associated with any overpayment letters you receive from Palmetto GBA and use this information to match up to the Invoice number(s) on subsequent remittance notices. More details on this topic are included in the Palmetto GBA article Identifying Specific Patients.

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