Type of Overpayment Disclosure
Brief Description
A voluntary refund should be returned to Medicare anytime an overpayment has been identified by the provider.
  • Voluntary Refunds can be MSP or non-MSP related
  • Payment by check or through eServices is required to be submitted along with the appropriate form
  • The payment will be applied to the identified overpayments. If there are excess funds, they will be applied to other eligible outstanding overpayments.
A Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) overpayment can occur when Medicare has processed and paid a claim as the primary payer, but should have paid as secondary.
  • In order to report an MSP overpayment to Medicare without submitting a payment, the MSP Inquiry Form must be submitted along with the primary insurer EOBs
  • If you are submitting a payment along with the disclosed overpayment, the appropriate MSP Voluntary Refund form must be submitted along with the primary insurer EOBs

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