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New Patient Visits by the Same Physician or Physician Group 01/04/2021
Railroad Medicare Evaluation and Management (E/M): Medical Decision Making Guidelines: Recorded Presentation 08/03/2020
AWV, IPPE, and Routine Physical - Know the Differences CMS Educational Tool Open in New Window06/19/2020
General Ophthalmological Services vs. Evaluation and Management (E/M) Codes 05/29/2020
Medical Decision Making Component 09/25/2019
E/M Services Guide (CMS Product) Open in New Window08/15/2019
Established Patient Office Visits Module Open in New Window08/17/2018
New Patient Office Visits Module Open in New Window08/17/2018
Evaluation and Management Coding Reminder 02/13/2018
Evaluation & Management (E/M) Coding Reminder: Group Practices 02/13/2018
Examination Component 02/13/2018
History Component 02/13/2018
News You Can Use: New Patient Office Visits 02/13/2018
Selection of Level of E/M Service Based on Duration of Coordination of Care and/or Counseling 02/13/2018
Teaching Physician Documentation in the Era of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) 02/13/2018
Transitional Care Management Services 02/13/2018
Critical Care and the Global Surgery Package 02/09/2018
Management Options: Drug Therapy Requiring Intensive Monitoring for Toxicity 02/09/2018
Scribes 02/05/2018
Medicare Medical Records: Signature Requirements, Acceptable and Unacceptable Practices 02/02/2018
Exam: Single Organ System 01/23/2018
Inpatient Care Prolonged Services: Description and Companion Codes 11/02/2017
Office or Outpatient Care Prolonged Services: Description and Companion Codes 11/02/2017
Overpayments Identified Due to New Patient E/M Edit 06/01/2017

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