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Routine Physical Exams: Statutory Denials 10/30/2020
Clinical Laboratory Procedures: Duplicate Denials 07/07/2020
Chest X-ray or EKG: Duplicate Denials 07/02/2020
Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment Denials 07/02/2020
E/M Service: Duplicate Denials 07/02/2020
MSP: Eligibility & Denials 05/04/2020
Denials: Top Reasons and Procedures 04/23/2020
Electronic Claim Required: Denials 10/09/2018
E/M Service: Similar Services from Multiple Providers in the Same Group 03/29/2018
Anesthesia Services: Bundling Denials 02/08/2018
CLIA Certification Number Required 02/08/2018
CLIA: Laboratory Tests 02/08/2018
Code/Modifier Combination Invalid and Modifier Invalid/Missing 02/08/2018
EKG, EKG Rhythm Strip and Cardiac Echography: NCCI Bundling Denials 02/08/2018
Established Patient Office Visits: NCCI Bundling Denials 02/08/2018
Eye Refraction: Statutory Denials 02/08/2018
E/M Services: CCI Bundling Denials 02/08/2018
E/M Service: Global Surgery Denials 02/08/2018
Glycosylated Hemoglobin A1C: Medical Necessity Denials 02/08/2018
Hospice: Non-Attending Physician Denials 02/08/2018
Hot or Cold Packs: Bundling Denials 02/08/2018
Lipid Panels: Medical Necessity Denials 02/08/2018
NCCI Bundling Denials 02/08/2018
Physical & Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology Caps: Financial Limitation Denials 02/08/2018
Reason Code CO-96: Non-covered Charges 02/08/2018
Skilled Nursing Facility: Not Covered by This Payer (Consolidated Billing Denials) 02/08/2018
Unlisted Supplies: Bundling Denials 02/08/2018
Venipuncture: Not Covered by This Payer (Facility Setting) 02/08/2018
Venipuncture: Statutory Denials 02/08/2018
X-Rays: Denied for Chiropractors 02/08/2018

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