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If Medicare determines that my records are not legible, will you treat this as if no documentation is available? 06/02/2020
If my claim is denied for failure to submit requested documentation within 45 days of an Additional Documentation Request (ADR), should I submit a new claim and attach the requested documentation with the new claim? 06/02/2020
If the patient's secondary insurance is requiring a denial from Medicare for services that are statutorily non-covered, how does a chiropractor submit a claim for an office visit and X-rays to Medicare for denial? 06/02/2020
In my notes, I documented pain and muscle spasm in the lumbar region at L2-L3, but my claim denied due to an incomplete P.A.R.T. exam. Can you explain why? 06/02/2020
Is a chiropractor required to submit claims for non-covered services, such as an office visit, and how do I know if the patient's secondary insurance will consider the service if Medicare does not cover it? 06/02/2020
Is a supervising physician's signature required for services performed by a physician assistant in the emergency department? 06/02/2020
Is an address required in block 32 of the CMS 1500 (02/12) claim form when the place of service code billed is 12 (Home)? 06/02/2020
Is it acceptable to document "VSS" (vital signs stable)? How many vital signs must be listed in order to receive "credit" for the 1995 guidelines under "constitutional"? 06/02/2020
Is it acceptable to highlight information in the medical records when responding to a Medical Review Additional Documentation Request (ADR)? 06/02/2020
Is Medicare the Primary or Secondary Payer? 06/02/2020
Is the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) the same as a beneficiary's yearly physical? 06/02/2020
Is the Beneficiary Signature required for emergency ambulance transports? 06/02/2020
Is the hospital responsible for the payment of the transports while the patient is an inpatient? 06/02/2020
Is there a deductible or coinsurance/copayment for the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)? 06/02/2020
May we fax documentation in response to Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letters? 06/02/2020
Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Frequently Asked Questions 06/02/2020
Must a problem be new to the patient or new to the provider in order for it to be considered a "new problem" when scoring diagnosis/management options for an evaluation and management (E/M) service? 06/02/2020
My claim denied for timely filing. When can timely filing be waived? 06/02/2020
My claim for post-operative services billed with a modifier for "Postoperative Management Only" was rejected. What information was missing? 06/02/2020
My claim rejected with a remittance message code MA83, saying: "Did not indicate whether we are the primary or the secondary payer?" What does this mean? 06/02/2020
My claim rejected with remittance message MA116 - Did not complete the statement 'Homebound' on the claim to validate whether laboratory services were performed at home or in an institution. Where do I put "Homebound" on a claim? 06/02/2020
My claim was denied with remittance messages 183 and N574. I submitted the name and NPI of the ordering/referring provider. What is wrong? 06/02/2020
My claim was denied with remittance messages N264 and N575. I submitted the name and NPI of the ordering/referring provider. What is wrong? 06/02/2020
My claims are denying because Medicare records show another insurance should be paying as primary to Medicare. The patient has recently retired and says the insurance has ended. Who can I call to get the patient's Medicare record updated? 06/02/2020
My electronic claim was rejected with remittance message N265? What information was missing? 06/02/2020
My electronic claims are rejecting with remittance message N198 - Rendering provider must be affiliated with the pay-to provider. What does that mean? 06/02/2020
My paper claim was rejected with remittance message N265? What information was missing? 06/02/2020
My paper claims are rejecting with remittance message N257 - Missing/incomplete/invalid billing provider/supplier primary identifier. I am entering the provider's NPI on the claims. What is wrong with my claims? 06/02/2020
Once I submit a request for immediate offset, what can I expect? Will my debt automatically be paid off? Will interest accrue? 06/02/2020
One physician in a group performed a surgical procedure but a different physician in the same group was responsible for follow up after the surgery. Do we submit as split post-op care? 06/02/2020
Our claim was denied for MUE. Can we request a reopening to change the units of service billed? 06/02/2020
Payment was reduced (down coded) for E/M services because the documentation was not legible to the reviewer. What should I include in an appeal request? 06/02/2020
Please clarify the guidelines for advanced life support (ALS) assessment with no services in response to a 911 dispatch. I thought that if an ALS assessment was done, the transport is automatic, as this was a 911 dispatch. 06/02/2020
Postpayment Review Documentation Requests FAQs 06/02/2020
Provider Signature Attestation FAQs 06/02/2020
Provider Signature Log FAQs 06/02/2020
Should Railroad Medicare PTANs Be Submitted On Claims? 06/02/2020
The immediate offset form was sent. Why is the overpayment still outstanding? 06/02/2020
The PWK fax cover sheets ask for ACN number, what is an ACN number? 06/02/2020
What address are prepayment Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letters sent to? 06/02/2020
What are CARCs and RARCs? 06/02/2020
What are Decision and Education Letters? Will I receive one for each claim that is reviewed? 06/02/2020
What are National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Procedure to Procedure edits? 06/02/2020
What are the appropriate procedure codes for the first and subsequent AWVs? 06/02/2020
What are the ordering and referring edits? 06/02/2020
What beneficiary identification information do I need when I call Customer Service? 06/02/2020
What codes should we bill to Railroad Medicare for the administration of a preventive immunization? 06/02/2020
What does MA04 "Secondary payment cannot be considered without the identity of or payment information from the primary payer. The information was either not reported or was illegible" mean? 06/02/2020
What form should be used to adjust a claims that will ultimately result in an overpayment to Medicare? 06/02/2020
What if I can't get a handwritten or electronic signature because the provider is deceased or has left the practice? 06/02/2020
What immunizations does Medicare Part B cover? 06/02/2020
What immunizations does Medicare Part D cover? 06/02/2020
What information do I need to include when I send a written inquiry to Provider Enrollment? 06/02/2020
What is a Comparative Billing Report? 06/02/2020
What is Comprehensive Error Rate Testing? 06/02/2020
What is medical review? 06/02/2020
What is the CERT provider compliance error rate? 06/02/2020
What is the correct Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) type to use when filing an electronic claim? 06/02/2020
What is the definition of a "new patient" when selecting an E/M CPT code? 06/02/2020
What is the difference between MUE date of service edit indicators MAI 2 and MAI 3? 06/02/2020
What is the provider's enrollment effective date with Railroad Medicare? 06/02/2020
What is the purpose of a Comparative Billing Report (CBR)? 06/02/2020
What is the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) program? 06/02/2020
What is the status of my electronic funds transfer (EFT) enrollment? 06/02/2020
What is the TTY/TDD provider service center number for Railroad Medicare Providers? 06/02/2020
What modifiers are required when billing for beneficiaries enrolled in hospice? 06/02/2020
What place of service (POS) do I use when reading a test from a remote location? 06/02/2020
What provider identification information do I need when I call Customer Service? 06/02/2020
What shall I do if I don't have an enrollment record in Medicare? 06/02/2020
What should I do if I disagree with a letter of review findings for a review of medical records? 06/02/2020
What should I do if the beneficiary and/or representative refuses to sign for an ambulance transport? 06/02/2020
What should we do if we receive multiple requests for medical records from the CERT contractor? 06/02/2020
What types of health professionals can perform an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)? 06/02/2020
When billing a drug with HCPCS modifier JW, should the modifier be applied to the amount of the drug that was administered, the amount discarded, or both? 06/02/2020
When billing both codes in an NCCI PTP pair, how can I determine which code can billed with an NCCI modifier? 06/02/2020
When billing psychotherapy with an E/M service, can we include the time spent on the E/M service when selecting the appropriate add-on psychotherapy code? 06/02/2020
When billing time-based psychotherapy, what code should I use when the time spent doing psychotherapy does not match the time in the code descriptions? 06/02/2020
When billing to Part B on a CMS-1500 (02/12) claim, how should a laboratory report services performed by a reference laboratory? 06/02/2020
When do I use the 26 CPT modifier? 06/02/2020
When I check eligibility through the eServices portal will it show Medicare Advantage plan enrollment? 06/02/2020
When I check eligibility through the IVR will it give me information about Medicare Advantage plan enrollment? 06/02/2020
When is a Physician Certification Statement (PCS) required for Ambulance services? 06/02/2020
When Part B claims are reviewed and denied, or down-coded by the medical review department, should another claim be billed to seek payment? 06/02/2020
When should I enter an amount in item 29 of the CMS-1500 (02/12) claim form? 06/02/2020
When submitting a diagnostic service for medical review, what documentation is required? 06/02/2020
When submitting psychotherapy services for medical review, what documentation is required? 06/02/2020
Where can I find a list of HCPCS/CPT codes that are subject to NCCI PTP code pair edits? 06/02/2020
Where can I find information about the New Medicare Cards project? Open in New Window06/02/2020
Where can I find instructions for using the NCCI PTP code pair tables? 06/02/2020
Where can I find the Railroad Medicare fee schedules? 06/02/2020
Where can I see the Medically Unlikely Edit (MUE) value assigned to a CPT or HCPCS code? 06/02/2020
Where do I file durable medical equipment (DMEPOS) claims for Railroad Medicare beneficiaries? 06/02/2020
Where do I file home health claims for Railroad Medicare beneficiaries? 06/02/2020
Where do I file hospice claims for Railroad Medicare beneficiaries? 06/02/2020
Where do I file hospital facility claims for Railroad Medicare beneficiaries? 06/02/2020
Where do I file skilled nursing facility claims for Railroad Medicare beneficiaries? 06/02/2020
Where should I send documentation for CERT reviews? 06/02/2020
Who are the Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) contractors? 06/02/2020
Who can help me with questions about establishing electronic funds transfer (EFT)? 06/02/2020
Who do I call to reopen a processed claim? 06/02/2020
Who do I contact for a copy of my EFT notification letters? 06/02/2020
Who do I contact if I have questions about an Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program overpayment adjustment? 06/02/2020
Who do I contact to make updates on my EFT banking information? 06/02/2020
Why aren't we receiving paper checks from Railroad Medicare, even though our remittances show we have received a payment? 06/02/2020
Why can't we get claim status, entitlement or deductible information from a customer service representative? 06/02/2020
Why can I no longer find the "Request for Railroad Medicare PTAN for Electronic Submitters" form? 06/02/2020
Why do I need a separate Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN) for Railroad Medicare? 06/02/2020
Why do I need to know whether a patient is a Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB)? 06/02/2020
Why is documentation required for unlisted codes? 06/02/2020
Why was a CC HCPCS modifier added to the procedure code I billed? 06/02/2020
Why was my ambulance claim denied for missing a beneficiary signature? 06/02/2020
Why was my bilateral procedure denied for MUE? I billed separate lines for the right and left sides. 06/02/2020
Why was my corrected claim denied for timely filing? 06/02/2020
Why would the base rate on a hospital-to-hospital transport be paid but the allowed mileage be reduced? 06/02/2020
Where can I find a list of CARCs and RARCs? 05/04/2020
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