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I've been all over the website and can't find out how to sign up for your transition conference calls. I'm interested in the JJB transition calls since we are a provider that will be transiting in February. 01/16/2018
When will I need to submit my cost report to Palmetto GBA instead of Cahaba GBA? 01/10/2018
After user migration can I log into eServices using my new eServices ID? 12/28/2017
Are cost reports and credit balance reports required to be submitted via the eServices portal after transition? 12/28/2017
Are we going to be required to participate in the MolDX program? 12/28/2017
Are we required to be enrolled in eServices prior to the workload cutover date? 12/28/2017
Can a Cahaba InSite registered user register directly using Palmetto GBA's eServices registration page? 12/28/2017
Can a Georgia provider attend a workshop in Tennessee? 12/28/2017
Can I assume that the Palmetto GBA Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) and Articles that Cahaba GBA does not have a related LCD and article, will stay in effect for Jurisdiction J? 12/28/2017
Can I go ahead and apply for the Z- code? 12/28/2017
Can one person register for eServices and then grant access to others or must everyone register separately? 12/28/2017
Can we do EDI enrollment via eServices? 12/28/2017
Can we get a contact person for someone in the medical review department to discuss MAC targeted probe and educate and CERT audits? 12/28/2017
Can we sign up for eServices now? 12/28/2017
Can you adjust RTP claims in eServices like we can in Direct Data Entry (DDE)? 12/28/2017
Can you submit cost reports in the eService portal? 12/28/2017
For drug claims submitted with a drug NOC code do we still need to fax in documentation for the claim to process? 12/28/2017
How can a provider enroll after migration period? 12/28/2017
How do I submit a transition question for response? 12/28/2017
How will we handle open cost report audits? 12/28/2017
I am trying to register for the workshops and when I try to login to the Event Registration Portal I receive an error saying I am not authorized. What should I do? 12/28/2017
I am with a RHC in Illinois, currently Jurisdiction J (JJ), submitting to Cahaba. Will we be included in the 01/28/18 transition date? 12/28/2017
I have an 855I that I need to file for a 03/01/18 effective date. Should I send this to Cahaba GBA or wait to send to Palmetto GBA? 12/28/2017
I submit my claims electronically but my software vendor requires the claims address to be updated in their system. 12/28/2017
I submitted an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) application to our current contractor because we want to start receiving EFT. If that application does not complete processing prior to transition, should we resubmit another application to Palmetto GBA after transition to make sure? 12/28/2017
If Cahaba GBA established an overpayment which has gone into offset, will any monies still owed be offset from future Medicare payments made by Palmetto GBA? 12/28/2017
If I early board will this slow down the processing of my claims? 12/28/2017
If I have a claim date of service of 1/28/18, do I send the claim to Cahaba GBA and if it is 1/29/18, send it to Palmetto GBA? 12/28/2017
If I request a redetermination on a service that is covered by a Local Coverage Determination (LCD), when the appeal is completed by Palmetto GBA, which LCD will be used during the redetermination process? 12/28/2017
If my office is unable to migrate at least one LSO due to the LSO no longer being with the company, how can we register for eServices? 12/28/2017
If we are currently using PC-ACE Pro32 for Railroad do we need to download a new version for JJ? 12/28/2017
If we early board will our reports and remittance advice come through Palmetto GBA or Cahaba GBA? 12/28/2017
If we receive an overpayment letter from Cahaba GBA asking us to refund monies, should the refund be made to Cahaba GBA or Palmetto GBA? 12/28/2017
Is a Network Service Vendor (NSV) needed as a direct submitter. We provide our own connection currently submitting through Cahaba GBA and a NSV isn’t needed. Will this be required for the transition to Palmetto GBA? 12/28/2017
Is the eServices portal for providers only or can billing companies get access too? 12/28/2017
Is there a reopening line we can call to request a Part B reopen? 12/28/2017
Is there an automated way to access demand letters and Additional Documentation Request (ADR) results letters on your website as these often get lost in the mail? 12/28/2017
Many providers in Alabama are under J5 with WPS. Will they be transitioning to Palmetto GBA? 12/28/2017
Once the MolDX program is implemented in JJ, what will happen to my claim if I submit a molecular test without the Z-code? 12/28/2017
Our cost report is due November 30. What do we need to do since we transition to Palmetto GBA in January? 12/28/2017
Our credit balance report is due 12/31/17. What do we need to do since we transition to Palmetto GBA in January? 12/28/2017
Should I hold my appeal until the transition occurs? 12/28/2017
Should I hold my claims from now until the implementation takes place on March 19 and just send them to Palmetto GBA on that date? 12/28/2017
Since redeterminations will continue to be submitted to Cahaba GBA for a period of time, will we contact Palmetto GBA or Cahaba GBA for a status of those redeterminations? 12/28/2017
Since Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) submit two claims, one to Part A on the UB04 claim form and one to Part B in the 1500 claim form, how will we submit our claims since Part A transitions on January 29, 2018 and Part B transitions on February 26, 2018? 12/28/2017
We are interested in attending a transition workshop, but the instructions state to bring your PTAN and NPI. 12/28/2017
We have not had a wage index adjustment in years. Will these be possible with Palmetto GBA? 12/28/2017
We have numerous users that access Medicare's DDE system. Will we need to register for new logins to access Medicare's DDE system or will this transition over from Cahaba GBA? 12/28/2017
What are the hours of operation for the JJ Provider Contact Center (PCC)? 12/28/2017
What are the hours of operation for the JJ transition hotline? 12/28/2017
What do we need to do if we change banks prior to transition? 12/28/2017
What information is required to migrate a Cahaba InSite user to Palmetto’s eServices portal? 12/28/2017
What is the effective date of the Jurisdiction J (JJ) change? 12/28/2017
What is the time period for Cahaba InSite user migration? 12/28/2017
What will happen if there are still outstanding cost reports due to outliers which are still on hold at the time of transition? 12/28/2017
When will the 'Cahaba InSite User Migration' link be available to use? 12/28/2017
Where will I put the Z-code on the claim? 12/28/2017
Where will the 'Cahaba InSite User Migration' link be listed? 12/28/2017
Where will we send certifications such as mammogram? 12/28/2017
Which states are included in Jurisdiction J (JJ)? 12/28/2017
Who can I contact for MolDX program questions? 12/28/2017
Who should use 'Cahaba InSite User Migration' link? 12/28/2017
Will HMS (Cahaba) still be the contractor that we submit the Quarterly Credit Balance reporting to? 12/28/2017
Will I need to select permanent immediate offset with Palmetto GBA if I already elected this with Cahaba GBA? 12/28/2017
Will our PTANs remain the same or will they change? 12/28/2017
Will Palmetto GBA accept paper claims for processing? 12/28/2017
Will Palmetto GBA add CPT modifier 51 automatically to our claims or will we be required to add it prior to submission? 12/28/2017
Will Palmetto GBA be sending hardcopy Remittance Advices (RAs) if we receive payment by EFT? 12/28/2017
Will Palmetto GBA grandfather in hospitals covered under the “home office” provision located in a state outside of Cahaba GBA’s current jurisdiction? 12/28/2017
Will Palmetto GBA still cross claims over to Medicaid and other secondary insurers? 12/28/2017
Will providers be able to submit documentation electronically with their claims? 12/28/2017
Will the MolDX Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) apply to JJ? 12/28/2017
Will the MolDX program apply to all molecular tests? 12/28/2017
Will there be an Audit & Reimbursement phone line? 12/28/2017
Will we keep our submitter ID and just get a new password? 12/28/2017
Will you be inheriting any of the Cahaba GBA staff? 12/28/2017
Will your Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) be on the Palmetto GBA website or the CMS website like Cahaba GBA? 12/28/2017
With Cahaba GBA, claims are corrected online in FISS. Is there a similar process for Palmetto GBA? 12/28/2017
With this transition will there be any re-enrollment required for claims and 835s or will Cahaba GBA be giving Palmetto GBA their provider database for the providers who are currently submitting to AL, GA and TN? 12/28/2017

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