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Air Ambulance: Origins and Destinations 05/28/2020
Air Ambulance: Vehicle and Staffing 05/28/2020
Air Ambulance: What Medicare Covers 05/28/2020
Ambulance Services Provided Outside the United States 05/28/2020
Ambulance Transports: Two Trips on the Same Date of Service 05/28/2020
Ambulance Transport: Death of Beneficiary 05/28/2020
Beneficiary Signature Requirements 05/28/2020
Documentation Tips for Ambulance Providers: Paint the Picture 05/28/2020
Emergency Services 05/28/2020
Land Ambulance: Mutual Aid Situations 05/28/2020
Land Ambulance: No Transport and Non-Covered Transports 05/28/2020
Land Ambulance: Physician Certification Statement (PCS) Requirements 05/28/2020
Land Ambulance: Reasons for Denial 05/28/2020
Land Ambulance: Vehicle and Staffing 05/28/2020
Land Ambulance: What Medicare Covers 05/28/2020
Multiple Patient Transports 05/28/2020
Origin/Destination Ambulance Modifiers 05/28/2020
Ambulance Fee Schedule and Medicare Transports CMS Booklet Open in New Window04/29/2020
2020 Ambulance Fee Schedule 01/06/2020
Ambulance Coverage for Nonemergency Transports Module Open in New Window09/09/2019
Ambulance Transports: Repetitive vs. Non-Repetitive, Scheduled vs. Unscheduled 08/28/2019
Extended Affirmation Period for Beneficiaries with Chronic Conditions Participating in the Repetitive, Scheduled Non-Emergent Ambulance Prior Authorization Model 08/28/2019
If Your Medicare Patient Requires Scheduled Repetitive Non-Emergent Ambulance Transport, This is Information You Need to Know 08/28/2019
Physician Certification Statement for Ambulance Services: Reminder 08/28/2019
Release of Beneficiary Information to Ambulance Providers of Repetitive Scheduled Non-Emergent Transports 08/28/2019
We're All In This Together Flyer - Dialysis Facilities 08/28/2019
Ambulance Fee Schedule and Medicare Transports Booklet 08/20/2019
Ambulance Suppliers: Enrollment Requirements 02/08/2018

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