Take Our Satisfaction Survey and See the Results

Providers are now able to give immediate feedback on their customer service experience with Palmetto GBA/Railroad Medicare through our Provider Experience survey. On this survey, you can provide feedback on your most recent interaction with Palmetto GBA/Railroad Medicare that occurred by telephone, chat, email, mail or social media (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). We value your comments and opinions, and we look forward to a culture of continuous improvement in the way we conduct business and serve our providers.

Palmetto GBA intends to demonstrate its commitment to our partnership by sharing with you the process improvements we implement based on your feedback. By working together, we can enhance your experience and elevate the level of service, education, information and transparency you have come to expect from Railroad Medicare/Palmetto GBA.

Here are some of the enhancements we have made as a result of your feedback: 

  • Palmetto GBA has implemented new “Disable User” functionality in eServices that will disable a user that has been inactive for 30 days instead of terminating the User ID. Administrators will now be able to enable the user up to 120 days after 30 days of inactivity. If the user ID is not enabled within this time, the account will be terminated. We will send notification to providers through a series of periodic emails (up to the 120-day limit) to remind the user of their status and provide instructions to re-enable eServices IDs.
  • The eServices eCheck feature now supports Excel files. In addition to PDF (.pdf) files, providers are now able to submit Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files when submitting eCheck attachments in eServices.
  • eServices Profile Verification has been extended from 90 to 250 days, allowing more time for you to complete this process. During this time, please make sure that all eServices user ID profiles are up to date to avoid interruption or deactivation.
  • We added a Check Eligibility button to the MBI Lookup tab in eServices in order to save you time when checking a beneficiary’s Medicare eligibility. With the MBI Lookup tab open, you will find the Check Eligibility button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Providers can now easily access their remits straight from the eServices claim status screen
  • Provider administrators can now unlock account users and additional provider administrators from the administrator screen. 
  • Our new Fastlane Support option allows users to be quickly connected with an online operator if they need to unlock their account and their provider administrator(s) is not available
  • We have extended the time that a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) code can be used. Providers are now able to use their MFA codes for up to 12 hours. This allows providers to simply reuse the last valid code issued. An MFA code will expire 12 hours from the time it was requested or when a new MFA code is generated.
  • Providers can link their previously assigned eServices User IDs under one default ID through the Account Linking sub-tab. Once the accounts are linked, providers can log in with the default ID and easily switch between their linked accounts.

We have posted many Frequently Asked Questions that are sortable by Topic. These FAQs were created based on your inquiries to our Provider Contact Center as we hear your common questions and concerns about specific billing requirements and coverage guidelines.

Focusing on the education we conduct for our providers, we recently conducted the following live webcasts that are now available as on-demand recordings:

We are looking forward to hearing from you so that we can continue our progress in meeting our your needs.

Important note: When you take the survey, please be sure to select the "RRB Specialty MAC" button so we know you are talking to us.

Thank you in advance for our helping us to be better every day!

Take Our Satisfaction Survey and See the Results Articles