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Part B Providers in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee

Do You Have Feedback for Us - 2019 MAC Satisfaction Indicator (MSI) Survey Is Available Now!

The 2019 MAC Satisfaction Indicator (MSI), a survey administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), is available now. The MSI is your opportunity to offer detailed feedback on your interactions with Palmetto GBA over the last year. There are sections of the survey for feedback on Provider Enrolment, EDI and Claims, as well as the Provider Contact Center, eServices online portal and Provider Outreach and Education. The MSI survey is only offered on an annual basis, for a specified window of time, so don’t miss your chance to be heard.

Palmetto GBA has made numerous improvements to our services and have more planned in the coming months. Read our “You Do Make A Difference” page to see all the enhancements implemented as a result of your feedback on our surveys.