I do not see the remittance that I am looking for. What should I do?

Published 06/10/2024

You will only be able to view remits for the one NPI associated with your eServices user ID, or the NPI selected if there are multiple accounts linked to your eServices user ID. If you have additional NPIs, they will need to be registered separately. Once the user IDs have been assigned, you may utilize the account linking feature to link the access for all of your eServices accounts under one of your eServices user IDs.

The remittance date range will default to the last 30 days. You may also select the option to search by a specific date range. The date range for remittances are listed in eServices by the remittance upload date and not the deposit date, so you may need to search a few days earlier or later in the remit list to find the specific remittance you are looking for. Only remittances for your NPI with a remittance upload date within your date range will display.

Remittances are readily available for approximately one year. If you need to retrieve remittances over one year old, eServices may experience a delay. Palmetto GBA does not guarantee that older remittances are available.

Please reference section 5 of the eServices User Manual (PDF) for screenshots and additional information on the eServices remittance function.

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