HCPCS Modifier VP

Published 07/16/2020

Aphakic patient.

Guidelines and Instructions
This modifier is informational only and may be submitted with the following types of service:

  • 1 (Medical Care)
  • 2 (Surgery)
  • 3 (Consultation)
  • 4 (Diagnostic Radiology)
  • 7 (Anesthesia)
  • 8 (Assistant at Surgery)
  • 9 (Other Medical Items or Services)
  • F (Ambulatory Surgical Center, Facility Usage for Surgical Services)
  • If submitted with codes for any other types of service, the service will be returned as unprocessable. Resubmit as a new claim without the modifier.

Reference: CMS Type of Service (PDF, 591 KB) listing (refer to section 10.7 of this manual).

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