Why do I get an error when I upload attachments in secure forms?

Published 06/10/2024

eServices users may submit attachments up to 40 MB in size (unless otherwise noted). While there is no limit to the number of files that can be attached to a form, the combined size of all attachments cannot exceed 150 MB (unless otherwise noted). All attachments must be PDF documents unless stated otherwise. Most scanners have the ability to save documents in the PDF format. If you receive an error when uploading the file, your form will refresh with the error listed at the top of the page, and the PDF will no longer be attached. Errors can occur if the PDF is corrupt or if it was not created using PDF software. For example, you cannot change a file extension to PDF. It will not be in the correct PDF format and you will be unable to upload it.

If your file is over 40 MB, you will want to break it down into smaller files in order to attach it to your form. You can do this through your PDF software or by changing your original files and creating the PDFs again.

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