I am a Railroad Medicare provider. I am already registered with eServices for Jurisdiction MAC Medicare. Do I have to register again for Railroad Medicare?

Published 06/10/2024

Yes, you will need to complete a separate eServices registration for Railroad Medicare. eServices functions, including claim status, eligibility, eRemits, and eClaims, are available for Railroad Medicare providers that have an Electronic Data Interchange Enrollment Agreement on file with Palmetto GBA Railroad Medicare.

When registering in eServices for Railroad Medicare, choose "Railroad Specialty Medicare Administrative Contract (RRB SMAC)" from the Line of Business drop-down list. You will need to enter your Railroad Medicare PTAN number, which is not the same as the PTAN assigned by Jurisdiction MAC Medicare. As with all lines of business, you must register each RR PTAN/NPI combination separately. For the "Payment Amount Received" enter the last payment you received from Railroad Medicare for the PTAN/NPI number you are registering.

You will be assigned a different user ID for each line of business and each PTAN/NPI combination. Once the user ID has been assigned, you may utilize the account linking feature to link the access for all of your eServices accounts under one of your eServices user IDs. After you are registered for eServices with Railroad Medicare, you must sign in using your Railroad Medicare user ID, or select that account from the drop-down if you have linked accounts, to access information for your Railroad Medicare patients.

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