eServices Passwords

Published 03/07/2022

Are you ready to set up your eServices account? Once you have been assigned your user ID, you will need to choose your own password. As a reminder, eServices passwords are case sensitive and:

  • Must be at least eight characters long
  • Must contain an uppercase letter
  • Must contain a lowercase letter
  • Must have at least one of these special characters (@, #, or $)
  • Must contain numbers (0-9) and letters (A-Z, a-z)
  • Must start with a letter
  • No leading portion of first or last names may occur
  • Must contain at least four changed characters from the previous password 
  • Must be changed every 60 days
  • Cannot contain spaces
  • Cannot use same password as the last 13 passwords

More secure passwords are those which are based on pass phrases and/or non-dictionary words (including "nonsense" words), combined with obscure character substitutions.

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