Cycle Two Provider Enrollment Revalidation Notifications

Published 12/31/2020

During Cycle 2 of the revalidation process, please be aware that revalidation notifications will be issued in one of two ways.

  • Electronically for eServices users
    • A provider’s eService administrator and any other individual eService user on a provider’s account with the message inbox permission will receive the eLetter in their inbox on the Messages tab. Email notification that a revalidation letter has been sent through eDelivery will be sent to the provider administrator(s) on the account.
      • Palmetto GBA automatically registered all active provider accounts to receive eDelivery of revalidation notifications through eServices
      • Any user with secure messages permission can see eDelivery letters, but only administrators can elect to receive email alerts for received letters
      • At this time, revalidation letters are the only eDelivery letter available to Part A and HHH providers
  • Standard U.S. mail for non-eServices users. Provider enrollment revalidation notifications will be sent through the U.S. Postal Service.


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