eDelivery Reminder: Are You Getting Your Greenmail?

Published 02/21/2018

Palmetto GBA would like to remind providers that you have the option to receive letters electronically through eServices. Gaining access to these letters is a simple process! To start receiving your Medicare letters, such as prior authorization or first level redeterminations decision letters electronically, you must be signed up for our eServices online provider portal. Once you have signed into eServices, select the Admin tab and navigate to the eDelivery Preferences sub-tab. You can then update your eDelivery preferences by simply clicking the drop down box to choose eDelivery, instead of US Mail, for the letters you would like to receive via greenmail. You can also select the User Pref Email Notification checkbox to start receiving emails when your letters are available in eServices for you. Selecting this choice is so easy and allows you to receive your letters faster!

Once you have chosen the eDelivery option, all of the letters you selected will come to you electronically, even if you sent in your request via fax or mail.

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