eTicket Enables Providers to Save Time with Every Call

Published 07/11/2024

Palmetto GBA has developed many tools to improve service and efficiency, and eTicket is one of them.

eTicket, like ePass, saves you time when contacting the Provider Contact Center (PCC) about a particular issue on multiple occasions. While ePass provides you with a code to bypass authentication on subsequent calls to the PCC during a single day, eTicket enables our representatives to serve you quickly and with greater effectiveness.

When you speak to a customer care representative by phone, a numeric inquiry number or eTicket is generated which provides a reference to the subject matter of your conversation with our PCC. When you call us with additional follow-up questions or for more information specific to a prior call, you can input your eTicket number into the IVR. Upon being transferred to a service representative, your topic of inquiry and data related to your previous call with Palmetto GBA will automatically be presented on the service representative’s screen, expediting their ability to serve you.

Palmetto GBA encourages all providers to take advange of eTicket. Look for additional information at, in our Listserv newsletters and on Palmetto GBA’s social media channels.

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