We Have Noticed a Significant Increase in 296 Auto Denials - Requested Records Not Submitted

Published 04/30/2020

If you have received an Additional Documentation Request (ADR) for one or more claims, you will have 45 days from the date of the letter to submit supporting records. As a best practice, we suggest providers set a goal of submitting their documentation by day 30 to help prevent any delay in receipt of records. If we do not receive your records timely, on day 46 the Medicare claims system will automatically deny the claim.

Through data analysis, Palmetto GBA identifies the most common billing errors, including 296 auto denials. Providers with a high frequency of any particular error could be considered for intervention, including additional medical review.

IMPORTANT: The fastest and most efficient way to submit your ADR documentation to Palmetto GBA is through eServices.

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