Overpayment Balance Information Is Available in eServices

Published 07/07/2021

Providers are able to view overpayment balance information via our eServices online portal. Previously, providers did not have the ability to view their active overpayment balances and had to contact the Provider Contact Center (PCC) to obtain this information. At Palmetto GBA, we are committed to enhancing the provider experience. This is another step in enhancing our one stop shop for providers to view their financial data.

To access this data, providers will enter either an accounts receivable (AR) transaction number or a demand letter number. The portal will display real-time status of your AR or demand letter balances to include the:

  • Principal AR balance
  • Interest AR balance
  • Total AR balance

You can access your overpayment balance in four easy steps. After logging into the eServices portal:

  1. Click on Financial Tools tab
  2. Select Overpayment Data
  3. Input AR transaction number or demand letter number
  4. Click Submit

Financial Tools tab

You must be an active eServices user to utilize this enhancement. If you don’t have an eServices account, you can get started right away. Additional details and enrollment information are available on our website.

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