End of the Month Provider Inquiries

Published 05/28/2021

Increased record-keeping and financial activities at month’s end generate a sudden and higher-than-normal call volume to Palmetto GBA’s provider contact center (PCC), and this year the end-of-month coincides with the Memorial Day holiday closure of the PCC.

In order to best serve the provider community, Palmetto GBA recommends providers consider the following actions before calling the provider call center:

  • CMS requires providers use the Palmetto GBA Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) for claim status and eligibility inquiries. 
  • Save time and avoid authentication with every call to the Palmetto GBA by utilizing ePass
    • Through the IVR, follow the first-time authentication steps by selecting Option 5 for ePass and then Option 2 to receive ePass; or
    • Request your ePass verbally while speaking with a Customer Service Agent (CSA) following first-time authentication
  • All Palmetto GBA forms and links to CMS enrollment forms can be found on the Palmetto GBA website

If you do call the provider contact center, be sure to have the following information ready at the time you place the call:

  • PTAN, NPI and last five digits of your tax identification number  
  • Beneficiary's full name as it appears on their Medicare card
  • Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI/HIC) 
  • Any other information or examples needed to discuss your question, claim or situation

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