Reason Code U5157

Published 01/11/2018

FISS Narrative
Hospice claim received with a from date greater than the most recent hospice period and the prior period was revoked.
  • Please verify dates of service and determine if revocation was posted in error or if a new notice of election needs to be submitted
  • Make corrections and resubmit
  • Hardcopy submitters resubmit RTP report with corrections

Explanation and Suggestion
When the hospice claim was received, there was no matching election period on file for this beneficiary. It is possible that the revocation was posted in error or that a new NOE needs to be submitted.

  • Access the CWF through DDE to verify election periods
  • A revocation indicator of "1" will be present in CWF for the billing period prior to this claim submission
  • A revocation indicator of "1" indicates the prior period has been closed with a discharge bill
  • Verify this posted revocation/discharge date for accuracy before correcting this current hospice claim  

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