Reason Code U5106

Published 09/24/2020

Hospice elections and benefit periods are posted to the Common Working File (CWF) when notice of elections (NOEs) and/or claims are processed. When another hospice NOE is submitted that overlaps the election/benefit period posted to CWF, including a duplicate NOE, the NOE will receive reason code U5106.

Ensure that the NOE you are submitting is not a duplicate of a previously submitted or processed NOE. Use FISS Option 12 to check for previously submitted NOEs. Refer to the DDE Modules for information about Option 12.

Before submitting an NOE (81A or 82A), review the beneficiary's hospice benefit periods on CWF. Ensure the “Admit” date on the NOE you are submitting does not fall within the “Start” date and “TERM DATE” of the benefit period on CWF.

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