Reason Code 32907

Published 09/21/2020

A line item date of service (LIDOS) falls outside of the "From" and "To" dates billed on the home health final claim.

Verify the line items submitted on home health claims fall within the "From" and "To" dates on the claim.

Example: A home health episode for March 29 to May 27 was submitted with a skilled nursing visit dated May 28 (see the boxed in revenue line #8 in the screen print below), which falls outside of the "From" and "To" date on the claim. 

If you are unable to determine which revenue codes falls outside of the "From" and "To" dates after reviewing the SERV DATE field on FISS Page 02, use the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) Inquiry Option 12 or Claims Correction Menu Option 27 to determine the LIDOS causing this error.

After selecting the claim, press your F8 key to page forward to FISS Page 02. Press your F2 key to access MAP171D. Scroll through the individual revenue lines using the F6 key. A message, "LINE ITEM REASON CODES 32907" will appear for the date of service outside of the "From" and "To" dates submitted on the claim. See the example below in the screen print.

Delete the revenue line with the incorrect date of service. You will need to add a new revenue line to submit the correct date of service. Another option is to submit a new claim to Medicare with the corrected information and suppress the view of the claim in your Return to Provider (RTP) file.

  • Information about using FISS to add or delete revenue lines on Medicare claims, as well as, suppressing the view of claim can be found in the Direct Data Entry (DDE) Modules
  • A review of claims failing for this reason code shows episodes which span the calendar year are likely to receive this error. We encourage HHAs to have a process by which they check claims with dates of service that overlap the start of the calendar year to ensure the correct year is submitted on each line item date of service billed on the claim.

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