Approved 5010 Errata Vendors

Published 02/06/2023

The Part A Approved 5010 Errata Vendors listing (PDF) was developed to assist Medicare Part A and home health and hospice providers in finding an Electronic Media Claims (EMC) system best suited to their needs. This list provides contact information for software vendors with approved ASC X12N 837 Health Care Claim version 5010A2 Errata Medicare EMC capabilities to submit claims to the Part A and HHH. Vendors included in this list have successfully tested with Palmetto GBA and are in production in the ASC X12 837 v5010A2 electronic claim format.

This list is updated periodically and is subject to change between publications. This list should not be construed as a recommendation or sponsorship by BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Palmetto GBA, nor the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, for any of the organizations that appear on the listing. Specific services and financial arrangements must be made between vendors and providers. Palmetto GBA will not be a party to any such arrangement. This listing is provided solely for your convenience.

Please contact the Palmetto GBA Provider Contact Center at 855–696–0705 if you have any questions about information contained in this listing.

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