PC-ACE Pro32 Software FAQ

Published 09/19/2023

What is Pro32 software and does it cost anything?
The PC-ACE Pro32 software is a claims-entry software available from Palmetto GBA at no cost. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other software.

What do I need to do to utilize the Pro32 software? Where do I start?
If you currently have a submitter ID, you can download the PC-ACE Pro32 software from our website under the EDI Software and Technical Specifications page for your contract.

Once I download the PC-ACE Pro32 software, is it an easy process?
Yes. Please use the PC-ACE Pro32 User’s Manual and the PC-ACE Pro32 Reference Guide, along with the confirmation sheet you received. Manual and guides are located under EDI Software and Technical Specifications. The PC-ACE Pro32 training modules are designed to address the basic information you will need to know to submit a claim electronically. You can view the PC-ACE Pro32 training modules from our website under EDI Tools.

Do we have to manually enter each claim into the Pro32?
Each claim must be manually entered. Pro32 cannot accept claims transferred from another software program. Please refer to the Pro32 user's manual, as well as Pro32 Training Module 3A (Part A claims) or 3B (Part B claims) for additional information.

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