Reason Code 32968

Published 01/11/2018

FISS Narrative
A home health claim with dates of service on or after January 1, 1998, received on or after May 4, 1998, contains visits (rev codes 42x-44x and 55x-58x) billed without a line item date of service.

Explanation and Suggestion
Reporting of visit (discipline) revenue codes (42X – 44X and 55X – 58X) is required along with a date of service on home health claims. Additionally, on the 0023 revenue code line, the HHA reports the date of the first billable service provided under the HIPPS code.

Check the final claim to ensure that all visit (discipline) revenue codes have a date of service on the same line as the visit revenue code. Also ensure there is a visit revenue code and date of service that corresponds to a date shown on the 0023 line (HIPPS code line)

Note: For service visits that begin in one calendar day and span into the next calendar day, report one visit using the date the visit ended as the service date.


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