Reason Code 30914

Published 12/27/2018

FISS Narrative
The original for this claim has been flagged as having already been adjusted or canceled. Check for the debit/credit or cancel processed on the claim you are trying to adjust or cancel. If a debit/credit adjustment is found and your adjustment is not a duplicate, enter the document control number (DCN) of the last debit record processed. If a cancel record is found then an original must be submitted. Please correct and resubmit.

Explanation and Suggestion
This reason code indicates that a duplicate claim has been received in the Medicare claims system or FISS. The claim submitted has already been processed. The claim must process and appear on the Remittance Advice before an adjustment can be done to the claim.

Every claim is assigned a DCN. For providers submitting claims through software vendors, enter the DCN of the claim to be adjusted or canceled. The DCN is automatically present on a claim that has been submitted through Direct Data Entry (DDE). This process ensures the desired claim is being adjusted/canceled by cross-checking the DCN of the processed claim.

Once the claim has processed as a cancel, a new claim may be submitted with any changes desired. Notify software vendors, if necessary.



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