Provider Statistical & Reimbursement System - Order Beneficiary Count Reports

Published 12/21/2020

The Provider Statistical & Reimbursement System (PS&R) contains various report features. The following article describes how to order the Beneficiary Count Summary Reports which are used in preparing the Self Determined Hospice Cap report (SDHC).

An approved PS&R User can order reports. Access to the PS&R is controlled through the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) website. If access is needed, refer to the article, PS&R - Obtain Access through EIDM, for instructions.  

A. Login to PS&R

Use the following link to login to the PS&R:
The Terms and Conditions screen will appear (see below). To continue, review and accept the terms and conditions.

Select I Accept. (Please refer to the arrow below.)

location of the 'I accept' button

Enter User ID and Password and select Log In.

Enter User ID and Password and select Log In 

B. Order Beneficiary Count Summary Report

After logging in, the Welcome to The Provider Statistical and Reimbursement System screen will appear.

In the white banner line at the top of the screen select Request Report. (Please refer to the arrow below.)

Select Request Report in the white banner line at the top of the screen

In the next blue banner line select Request Miscellaneous

The Miscellaneous Report Request screen will appear. Perform the following numbered steps to complete the request, please refer to the arrows on the next two screens for guidance.

View of Misc. Report Request screen

1.  Select Report using the drop down arrow. Choose Hospice Cap Report and click Continue.

Select Report using the drop down arrow; choose Hospice Cap Report and click Continue

2.  Select provider(s) Enter the provider number then use the >> button to select the provider number and move to the box on the right of screen.

3.  Enter Beneficiary Identification Period — Format: MM/DD/YYYY

  • Streamlined Method (SL) — "From" date is 9/28/YYYY through 10/31/YYYY
  • Patient by Patient Proportional Method (PP) — "From" date is 11/1/YYYY through 10/31/YYYY

4.  Enter Paid Dates — Format: MM/DD/YYYY

  • Leave at defaulted date settings

5.  Select Report Type

  • For SL method, select Streamlined Hospice Beneficiary Count Summary
  • For PP method, Select Hospice Beneficiary Count Summary (Fully Prorated)

6.  Select Report Format

  • Select PDF, select Continue

7.  Confirm Report Request, select Submit (see screen print below)

Confirm Report Request, select Submit

Note: The PS&R system may take a few minutes to a few hours to process the report. The next sections will explain how to obtain the completed report.

C.  Print or Save the Beneficiary Count Report

To obtain the completed report, select Report Inbox in the white banner at the top of the screen.

On the next blue banner, select Miscellaneous Report Inbox.


Location of Miscellaneous Report Inbox

On the above screen please note the following:

  • If status is Queued, the report is waiting to process
  • If status is Processing, the report should be complete in a few minutes
  • If status is Complete, the report is available

When the status is noted as Complete, the PDF column contains the requested report.

Click on the item in the PDF column to open the file. After opening, you may print or save the report.

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