Are You Receiving Email updates from Palmetto GBA?

Published 01/12/2018

Be sure that you are registered to receive email updates from Palmetto GBA! This is a must to stay updated with the latest information from CMS and Palmetto GBA. Select Listservs from any page on the Palmetto GBA website to go to the registration page. Create a customized profile of the documents you would like to receive and then create a unique password and username. Once you are registered an email confirmation will be sent to you. 

If you're a current user, you may update your registration information. You can update your account if you would like to receive notifications about site updates, or if you need to change your profile information. Please use the following steps to update your registration information:

  • Click the Listservs link from anywhere on the site. On the main registration page under Current Users, click "Update your registration"
  • In the dialog box that appears, enter your username and password
  • On the "Updating Registration" page, update your profile, password and/or site update notification information (be sure to add the General category for articles that apply to most providers) 
  • At the bottom of the page, click Update

A response page displays that states that your account update has been successfully submitted, and that you should receive a confirmation message within a few minutes. The confirmation message lets you know that your account has been successfully updated. If you don't receive the confirmation message, please let us know via our feedback form. For more information you may refer to:

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