eServices eReview: eUtilization and eAudit Video

Published 09/06/2017

Palmetto GBA offers two features that you can use to improve your billing processes - eUtilization and eAudit. This video demonstrates how to use these features.

  • Electronic Utilization (eUtilization) reports provide rendering providers and ordering and referring providers access to their personal data. This data can be reviewed to ensure providers are aware of when and by whom their NPI is being used for billing Medicare services and when their NPI is entered on a Medicare claim as the ordering referring physician. 
  • Electronic Audit (eAudit) allows providers the ability to access personal reports of audit results for claims which have been chosen for Complex Medical Review by various Medicare review contractors  Palmetto GBA is always looking for new ways to provide better, faster and more accurate service for our providers. We invite you to check out our new video and explore the many benefits eServices can provide to your practice.

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