Notice of Cancellation (TOB 8XD) Billing Job Aid

Published 06/19/2019

Although rare, there are times when a Notice of Election (NOE) must be canceled. A Notice of Cancellation, Type of Bill (TOB) 8XD, is submitted when one of the following situations occurs:

  • When a hospice election is established out of order, the NOE must be canceled
  • For example, the patient was with Hospice ABC from June through July. In October, the patient elects the
    hospice benefit with Hospice XYZ. Hospice XYZ checks the Common Working File (CWF) and does not see
    a previous election. Therefore, they submit their hospice NOE for the admission in October. Later that month, Hospice ABC contacts Hospice XYZ to cancel their NOE so that Hospice ABC can submit their NOE and claims for the June through July services.
  • When the beneficiary will not be receiving services from the hospice, but the NOE has already been submitted and posted to the CWF

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