5CFH9: Physician Narrative Statement Not Present or Not Valid

Published 05/14/2019

The claim has been denied as the physician narrative statement is not present or not valid.

How to Prevent This Denial

  • The physician must include a brief narrative explanation of the clinical findings that supports a life expectancy of six months or less as part of the certification and recertification forms, or as an addendum to the certification and recertification forms
  • If the narrative is part of the certification or recertification form, then the narrative must be located immediately prior to the physician’s signature
  • If the narrative exists as an addendum to the certification or recertification form, in addition to the physician’s signature on the certification or recertification form, the physician must also sign immediately following the narrative in the addendum
  • The narrative shall include a statement with the physician signature attesting that by signing, the physician confirms that he/she composed the narrative based on his/her review of the patient’s medical record or, if applicable, his or her examination of the patient
  • The narrative must reflect the patient’s individual circumstances and cannot contain check boxes or standard language used for all patients


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