eServices: Inbox Filtering Feature Refines Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) for Home Health Services Search

Published 01/20/2021

Palmetto GBA utilizes the eServices inbox messaging feature as a way to effectively communicate important notifications regarding eServices submissions, eLetters and alert messages. This function was expanded for providers participating in the Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) for home health services to filter searches by document control number (DCN) or using specific Pre-Claim Review (PCR) criteria for those who have selected this option.

Note: Only messages for the account associated with the user ID you are logged in with, or the account selected if you have multiple accounts linked to your user ID, will display.

To filter RCD inbox messages easily using DCN:

  • Click on the Messages tab to access the secure inbox
  • Type the document control number in the DCN field
  • Click the Filter button


To filter PCR inbox messages easily:

  • Click on the Messages tab to access the secure inbox
  • Select "HH Pre-Claim Review" from the Form Type dropdown menu
  • Enter a sub-filter (Medicare ID, Episode Start Date and/or UTN)
  • The list of messages displayed will appear in chronological order. You may use the inbox filtering options to only view a certain message type and/or view messages related to a specific DCN.

If you receive a message that there is no data available in the table, please adjust your filter criteria and try again. Items must match all entered criteria to display.

Please refer to section 14.0 and 15.0 of the eServices user manual for full details on Secure Message Inbox and RCD for home health services functions.

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