Providers Under a UPIC Review Do Need to Make an RCD Selection

Published 01/20/2021

Question: If I am under a Unified Program Integrity Contractor (UPIC) review, do I need to make an RCD selection?

Answer: Yes. All providers should make a RCD selection during the choice selection period. Although providers under UPIC review will not participate in the demonstration while under review, if the UPIC review ends prior to the start date in their state, the review choice selection will become active for the provider at that time. If a provider is removed from UPIC review after the start date for the 6-month review cycle, the provider will make a review choice selection and begin participating in the demonstration in the next cycle. Questions regarding UPIC review should be directed to the UPIC.

Reference: For more RCD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (PDF, 332 KB).

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