Reason Code 37541

Published 10/02/2020

An adjustment was submitted (Type of Bill XX7 or XXQ) with the condition code “D9” indicating “any other change” and no remarks are present in the “Remarks” field on FISS DDE page 04.

When submitting an adjustment, you must choose one of the following claim change reason codes that best describes the adjustment request. When “D9” is used, a detailed explanation of what is being adjusted must be included in the Remarks field (FL 80). The adjustment request will be suspended for review.

D0 — change dates of service
D1 — change charges
D2 — change revenue/HCPCS code
D7 — Change to make Medicare secondary
D8 — Change to make Medicare primary
D9* — Other/multiple changes
E0 — change patient status *


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