Land Ambulance: Mutual Aid Situations

Published 05/28/2020

Only one ambulance supplier can submit a claim for mutual aid services.

  • The involved suppliers must determine who will submit the claim and how the reimbursement will be distributed
  • When a patient is transferred from a basic life support (BLS) vehicle to an advanced life support (ALS) vehicle, the ALS service may be allowed
  • When ALS personnel and equipment are placed onboard a BLS vehicle, the BLS vehicle is qualified as ALS and an ALS service is allowed
  • When a BLS vehicle transports a Medicare beneficiary to a rendezvous with an ALS vehicle, and ALS personnel and equipment join the patient in the BLS vehicle, the trip is allowed as an ALS service

How to Submit For Payment
Mutual aid situations involving BLS and ALS ambulances must be submitted as follows when the BLS supplier is submitting the ALS service:

  • The BLS ambulance must submit HCPCS code A0999 (Unlisted Ambulance Service) and indicate the narrative description of "Mutual Aid, ALS Ambulance Claim" in Loop 2300, or 2400, NTE, 02 for electronic claims. For paper claims, submit this information in item 19 of the CMS-1500 claim form or on an attachment.


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