Provider Enrollment

Published 12/27/2023

Palmetto GBA is the Railroad Retirement Board Specialty Medicare Administrative Contactor (RRB SMAC). We process Part B fee-for-service claims for Railroad Medicare beneficiaries nationwide.

If you are a Part B Medicare provider, you are eligible to provide care to Railroad Medicare patients, but you will need to request and receive a Railroad Medicare Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN) before we can process your claims. You need this PTAN because we are a different jurisdiction from your local MAC.

Note: Providers must have a valid Railroad Medicare PTAN prior to starting the Railroad Medicare EDI Enrollment process. Provider Enrollment and EDI Enrollment are separate processes and providers must have their Railroad Medicare PTAN prior to initiating the EDI enrollment with Railroad Medicare.

No Enrollment Forms Needed
There are no CMS-855 Enrollment forms required for Railroad Medicare. To verify if you have a Railroad Medicare PTAN number and then to request a new PTAN if you don’t have one, you will simply use our online Railroad Medicare PTAN Lookup and Request Tool. 

Before using the PTAN Tool, please review the following resource: Using Railroad Medicare's Online PTAN Lookup and Request Tool.

See our Verify Enrollment page and Enroll a Provider page for more information.

Once you receive your Railroad Medicare PTAN, it is important to keep the information in your enrollment record current. See our Update an Enrollment Record page for directions on reporting enrollment changes to Railroad Medicare.  

Have questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Need more help? Please call our Provider Contact Center at 888–355–9165 for assistance. Choose option 3 for Provider Enrollment.

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