Railroad Medicare Accepts Appeal Requests Through Our eServices Tool

Published 02/26/2018

Railroad Medicare offers you a free and secure method for submitting appeal requests. Appeals can now be submitted via eServices, our free Internet-based, provider self-service portal.

You can submit Appeals online using a feature of eServices called 'Secure Forms,' which allows you to submit your request and upload your supporting documentation. Once an online appeal form is submitted, you will receive a message in your eServices message inbox. You will get a second message with the Document Control Number (DCN) when we begin to process your appeal. You can use the DCN to check the status of your appeal within eServices or through our Redeterminations Status tool or our Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVR).

eServices is available for providers who have a signed electronic data interchange (EDI) Enrollment Agreement on file with Railroad Medicare. If you are already submitting claims electronically, you do not have to submit a new EDI Enrollment Agreement.

To register for eServices, complete the registration form. If you do not have an EDI Enrollment Agreement on file, you will receive a message in red at the top of your screen. The EDI Enrollment Agreement Form is included in the EDI Enrollment Packet. If you do not have an EDI Enrollment Agreement on file with us, please go to the Railroad EDI Enrollment Packet page and download a Railroad Medicare EDI Enrollment Agreement Form. The form includes instructions for completing and returning the form.

Note: Only one provider administrator per EDI Enrollment Agreement/per PTAN performs the registration process. The provider administrator grants permissions to additional users related to that PTAN. Billing services and clearing houses should contact their provider clients to gain access to the system.

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