Please Do Not Email Protected Health Information (PHI)

Published 01/12/2018

In order to ensure your privacy and your patient's privacy, please do not transmit any of the following information to Palmetto GBA via email. Revealing this protected health information (PHI) information could expose you or others as a target for Medicare fraud and abuse.

  • Personal information, including Social Security numbers, which you would like to keep private
  • Beneficiary information, including Medicare ID Numbers, coinsurance and deductible information, dates of Medicare entitlement, copies of or information from Medicare claim forms, Medicare reports of eligibility and Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs)
  • Information covered under the Freedom of Information Act (1967) and/or the Privacy Act of 1974
  • Claim specific data

In return, Palmetto GBA will not correspond with you via email any information that contains PHI.  Please ensure staff in your office comply with this mandated privacy rule.

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