Why am I unable to receive my MFA code via text message?

Published 06/10/2024

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) codes can be sent to either the email address or mobile number listed in your eServices profile.

If you are experiencing an issue receiving your MFA code via text message, please confirm the mobile number and carrier selected on your profile are correct. You may make any corrections from your My Account tab. If this information is correct and you are still not receiving your MFA code, your mobile settings may need to be updated. Please ensure you are allowing receipt of text messages sent from an email address. If you need assistance, please contact your mobile carrier.

Note: Verizon users can update their preferences from the Blocks page of their My Verizon account. Select "Block emails & domains" and ensure both the "Block all text messages sent from the web" and "Block all text messages sent from email" boxes are unchecked.

You may also click the "Didn't get the code?" link on the eServices MFA page and then select the "Email Me" option to receive your MFA code via email. If you have already set up your account to receive MFA codes via the Google Authenticator app, you may also choose that option.

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