Railroad Medicare COVID-19 Provider Enrollment: Temporary Enrollment of Medicare Pharmacies and Other Suppliers as Independent Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories

Published 05/13/2020

CMS released MLN Matters Article SE20017 for Medicare-enrolled pharmacies and other Medicare-enrolled suppliers, or pharmacies and suppliers seeking to enroll temporarily as independent clinical diagnostic laboratories to help address the urgent need for COVID-19 testing.

Pharmacies and other suppliers who want to enroll in Medicare as an Independent Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory should follow the instructions in MLN Article SE20017 for enrolling with the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) serving their geographic area first, before requesting a provisional Railroad Medicare Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN). If a provider contacts the RRB SMAC for a provisional PTAN prior to the completion of their MAC enrollment or enrollment changes, the SMAC will be unable to fulfill the request and will tell the provider to contact their local MAC.

SE20017 (PDF, 186 KB) Medicare Pharmacies and Other Suppliers May Temporarily Enroll as Independent Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories to Help Address COVID-19 Testing.

Railroad Medicare Provider Enrollment: Temporary Provisional Medicare Billing Privileges Due to COVID-19

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