eServices Part B Claims Search Enhancements: New and Faster

Published 01/06/2021

Palmetto GBA continuously focuses our efforts on enhancements that improve the speed and efficiency with which we make claims information available to our provider community.

With this new implementation, Part B eServices portal users will:

  • Experience faster and improved response times when performing various claim inquiry searches
  • See changes to the Claim Inquiry Screen and the Claims Detail Screen
    • Claim Inquiry Screen 
      • Updated to include the option to search by Claim Number or Medicare ID
        (Users can continue to retrieve claims with Medicare ID and Dates of Service)
      •  Added display rules for showing the date range only for the Medicare ID
    • Claims Detail Screen 
      • Removed Denial Text column from the claim line detail
        • To obtain the reason for denial, please refer to the Medicare Remittance Notice
      • Provide more claims details
        • Display up to four HCPCS modifiers
        • Include line-level details

Claims Inquiry Screen Example

Claims Detail Screen Example (Claims Summary Screen)

Claims Detail Screen Example (Denial Text Field - Old Screen) 

Claims Detail Screen (HCPCS/Modifier Field)

Claims Detail Screen (Line Level Details)

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