Financial Tools: Checking Your Overpayment Status Is Now Easier

Published 10/01/2021

Overpayment Balance Information and Activities

We are excited to share that updates have been made the Overpayment Data section in Financial Tools within eServices. Providers are now able to view more details in the life of their overpayment, such as collections, offsets and adjustment details. The expansion includes the following new data fields: 

  • AR demand letter issue date
  • Number of overpayments associated with the demand letter
  • Financial details to include original amount of principle, interest, and late fees; remaining balance on principle and interest; and total principle and interest activity amounts
  • For each overpayment in the demand letter, transaction details will be available to reflect the current and remaining balances
  • In improving the customer experience, we encourage providers to utilize this tool to retrieve the most current and accurate data for Medicare overpayments. Please refer to the eServices User Manual under Topics at 

Figure 75: Overpayment Data

Overpayment data in eServices

When the demand letter number is searched, all information related to the searched number will be displayed. Any AR transaction number associated the demand letter will also be listed. You can access the information for each AR transaction by selecting the AR Transaction Number link. 

Figure 76: Demand Letter Details

Demand letter details in eServices


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