Do I Have to Get My Seasonal Flu Shot at My Doctor's Office?

Published 03/21/2024

No, you have the option of getting your seasonal flu shot at places of service other than your doctor’s office. Many people get their flu shot in their local pharmacy. Flu shots are free if your provider accepts Medicare assignment. If you are asked to pay in advance for the shot, you can then send a beneficiary claim form, known as a G-740S, along with a copy of your receipt, to Railroad Medicare for reimbursement.

You can find a G-740S form on our website under Forms. Look for the title Filing a Claim to Railroad Medicare: Using the Railroad Retirement ‘Patient Request for Medicare Payment’ (G-740S) Form. To have a G-740S form mailed to you, call our toll-free Beneficiary Customer Service Center at 800–833–4455, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. ET. For the hearing impaired, call TTY/TDD at 877–566–3572.

If the health care provider has a question about Railroad Medicare coverage, ask them to call our Provider Contact Center at 888–355–9165 for answers.

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