The Open Payments Program Revisited

Published 06/23/2021

More than seven years ago Palmetto GBA announced the Open Payments initiative. The goal of this program — then and now — is to increase public awareness and knowledge of the financial relationships between drug and medical device companies and physicians and teaching hospitals. 

Open Payments is described by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as “a national disclosure program that promotes a more transparent and accountable health care system. Open Payments houses a publicly accessible database of payments that reporting entities, including drug and medical device companies, make to covered recipients like physicians.” It further says, “Please note that CMS does not comment on what relationships may be beneficial or potential conflicts of interest. CMS publishes the data attested to by reporting entities. The data is open to individual interpretation.”

In summary, this is a program that provides data on how much your doctor or teaching hospital receives from drug companies or medical device companies. The data do not state what kind of relationship exists between these entities. It is not a finding of fraud or abuse. It is only an accounting of dollars that were spent.

To test the program, I went to the site and entered my general practitioner’s name. I found that she received $1,762.10 with 116 payments in 2019. The payments were primarily for food and beverages (96.3%). AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP was the highest contributor, followed by Novo Nordisk, Inc. There were a total of 10 companies that bought her food or beverages that year. The data show that she is well below the norm for the doctors in the United States (the mean general payment for 2019 was $3,736.21. Knowing this, I am not concerned about my doctor).

The open payments data are available for the years of 2013–2019. CMS will publish the data for the year 2020 on or by June 30, 2021. 

If you’d like to look up your doctor or teaching hospital, you can visit the open payments website at

A short video about how open payments work is available on YouTube. This video was created by CMS and is part of their national educational program. 

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